RISE Escape Rooms is Perminately Closed

In an effort to focus more time and energy on our Haunted Attractions, we have decided to shut down the Escape Rooms at the end of January 2019. We've had a blast having guests come out and play our games and experience our creations. We've received a tremendous amount of positive feedback on the quality of our rooms and the customer service we have provided which makes shutting down very difficult.

If you would like to try one of our games they will live on. THE BOOKIE as been acquired by Clue Carre in New Orleans. Hijacked and Spellbound will have a new home at The 13th Gate Escape in Baton Rouge.

Thanks to everyone who came out and played our games...SEE YOU IN OCTOBER at RISE HAUNTED HOUSE!


Players: 4-7 | Difficulty: 6 of 10
Challenging. Recommended for New and Beginner players as well as Advanced.


With 60 minutes of fuel remaining, can you follow the clues left by the Hijacker to land the plane safely? riseescaperooms.com

Posted by RISE Escape Rooms on Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Welcome aboard RISE Airlines.

You've just boarded Flight 722 set for your personal travel destination and the flight attendant has just finished giving the safety presentation. You fasten your seatbelt, sink back into your chair, and find yourself dozing off in no time at all.

What seemed to be peaceful skies is but a shattered illusion as you awaken to find out that your worst nightmare has come true. Cries of panic and a sense of urgency surges throughout the cabin. Fear has taken hold of you as reality of what is happening begins to settle in... you've been HIJACKED!

With sixty minutes of fuel remaining and the flight staff trapped in the cargo hold below, it's left to you and the remaining passengers to take matters into your own hands. You must hack your way into the cockpit and secure the plane for a safe landing.

Do you have what it takes to brave the friendly skies?


Players: 6-8 | Difficulty: 7 of 10
Very Challenging. Recommended for intermediate and advanced players.

The Bookie Teaser

They don't play by the rules... Neither should you! Crack the codes, break into the vault and steal back your winnings before The Bookie returns. More details at riseescaperooms.com

Posted by RISE Escape Rooms on Tuesday, March 28, 2017

"It's just a group of fellas," he said. "A private gamblers' club." Little did you know, your delinquent friend had just conned you into playing cards with the city's most notorious ring of gangsters.

By the end of the night, you found yourself at a total loss on every hand dealt. But as fortune favors the bold, you decided to brave the odds and go all in. You wait, the cards are dealt, your fate already sealed. With a deep breath, you pull your hand in. And this time, Lady Luck was on your side, or so you thought...

"See, in my world.." The Bookie reveals, "the world of high-stakes poker -- we play for cold, hard cash. It's all business." He mentions while funneling away your winnings. "Nothing personal, kid." And with that? His goons throw you out. Leaving you stranded, and with no other choice: REVENGE!

Now, with the assistance of the troublemaker that got you into this mess, you've got to infiltrate the gamblers' hideout, break into the vault, and take back your winnings.

Can you beat the odds, or will Bookie finish you off?


Players: 6-8 | Difficulty: 9 of 10
Very Challenging. Recommended experienced players.
Do not book this game if it is your first Escape Experience.
A minimum of 4 players are required for booking.

Spellbound at RISE Escape Rooms

Thrown into an age old battle of good vs evil, prove your worthiness to the spirit of the five witches and vanquish the vampire patriarch. for more info visit riseescaperooms.com

Posted by RISE Escape Rooms on Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Deep within the swamps of Southern Louisiana lies a crumbling shack rumored to have been home to the wood witch Magdalena Cazelar and her coven of mystical sisters. The cabin has been long since abandoned, masking secrets of mysteries untold. Centuries of age old magics set to waste after the ominous night that the pagan troupe found itself set to ruin -- vanishing into the blackest of nights. There has been no known life breathed into the walls of the chambers… Until now…

Haunted by recurring dreams of the spiritual sort, you have found yourself drawn to such a place. Summoned by the High Priestess herself as the coven’s own herald of fate, her spirit has chosen you to heed the call and to finish a deed 200 years in the making. For on the eve of this night, the most wretched of the witches immortal enemies shall once again rise from his spellbound graves to wreak havoc upon the unsuspecting souls.

Only those most worthy may gain entry to the coven of the five witches. Decipher their sacred spells and attempt to send the Vampire Patriarche to his eternal resting place before nightfall.

Will you avenge the fallen coven? Or will your fate be that of those before you?