RISE Escape Rooms will be Closing January 31st

In an effort to focus more time and energy on our Haunted Attractions, we have decided to shut down the Escape Rooms at the end of January. We've had a blast having guests come out and play our games and experience our creations. We've received a tremendous amount of positive feedback on the quality of our rooms and the customer service we have provided which makes shutting down very difficult. We have expanded our hours and days of operation through January 31st to allow more opportunities for players to visit before we close.

Do you have what it takes to ESCAPE?

An hour of fun, challenging and unique entertainment sure to result in an unforgettable time. This 60-minute experience offers a one-of-a-kind escape into worlds of the unknown without the terror of encountering a haunted house. Do you have what it takes to solve the puzzles, beat the clock and escape the room before time runs out? Our escape game is located on the outskirts of Hammond, Louisiana in Tickfaw, grab your friends, bring your family and live the adventure at RISE Escape Rooms.

RISE Escape Room Teaser

Assemble your Team. Gather your wits. Prepare for an immersive 60 minute adventure. riseescaperooms.com

Posted by RISE Escape Rooms on Saturday, June 11, 2016

RISE Escape Rooms






Looking for something new and exciting that offers an escape from the routine entertainment venue? Whether you're playing with family or coworkers, we have a number of reasons your next excursion should be with us!

Game Enthusiasts

Tired of sticking to the same old style of reality simulation gaming? Bring out the hardcore gamer within and conquer the leaderboards at RISE Escape Rooms where you'll have the challenging opportunity to experience the thrill, live the fantasy and undertake the adventure first hand.

Friends & Family

Whether you're looking for the next opportunity at a fun and exciting family outing, or a chance or pace from sitting around with your friends and binge watching Netflix shows, RISE Escape Room is truly a one-of-a-kind experience to be had making memories that will last throughout the ages!


Everyone wants the opportunity to be the cool boss! After playing one of our escape games, your team will never work together the same way again. RISE Escape Rooms offers a unique way to strengthen the bonds and unity amongst coworkers, clubs and organizational affiliates.

Date Nights

Want to impress that new girl at work or really turn up the heat for your next couples outing? What better way to test your chemistry or prove you two really do work better together than to have a night out for uplifting thrills and friendly competition at RISE Escape Rooms?

Our Games

Each room uniquely designed to challenge your wits, test your bravery and put your teamwork to the ultimate trial. Do you have what it takes to RISE to the occassion and escape in time?
The Bookie
6-8 players
Recommened for intermediate and experienced players

Infiltrate the hideout, dance with Lady Luck and battle the Bookie to regain your fortune.
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5-7 players
Fun for New and Experienced Players

Take to the skies on this adrenaline pumping simulatior. Do you have what it takes to be a real hero?
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6-8 players
4 player minimum
Recommended for experienced players

Gain entry to the coven's sanctum, decipher their sacred spells and slay the Vampire Patriarche before the sun goes down.
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